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We love free porn. No matter how you slice it or dice it, the tubes are the best thing that has ever happened to the adult industry. Some say that this is bad for big studios, but all I can say is: fuck them. Not all content ends up on the free tube sites, far from it. Honestly, I could not give two fucks if some whore is having trouble supporting her fifth child because the daddy has disappeared.

Just like with all free porn sites, I do highly recommend installing AdBlock or some other extension. This will not necessary eliminate the problem, but at least some of the most annoying things will be scaled down. So, how do we like XTube.com? It is okay, and one of the very few sites that greet you with a pop-up. Now, stop throwing these pitchforks at the webmasters for now. This is not ad. Instead, XTube asks you about your preferences: are you a male or a female and whether you want to see both genders fucking or just straight porn. Lesbian is of course always fine. I have no idea why “I like men” is pre-checked as a default. Like, are you targeting gays only there?

About XTube

Having all things considered, it is a decent site but there are better alternatives out there.

If you can’t handle the cons, check other sites in the category or see the best of premium ones.


7.3 XTube - XTube.com

Beaver Likes

  • Most of the ads can be hidden with AdBlock
  • A lot of porn videos are free, can’t complain
  • Has a decent amount of HD videos
  • Categories have nice thumbnails
  • Does not feature auto-play ads

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Ads are secretly opened in the background tab, fuck you for that
  • Every time you seek a video, another ad appears for a second or two on the screen
  • Has bullshit requests to login or join the site for some categories (like amateurs)
  • Needs more content and better video thumbnails