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We were really impressed with the XHmaster site when it was reviewed earlier this year. It does sit as our top pick for the free tube sites. Not too many intrusive ads and the quality was above most other alternatives. Having said all that, the anal section includes all the pros and cons that were discussed before, so let’s focus on the butt sex part.

There will soon be over 4000 pages of anal porn videos, which is enough to last you a lifetime. Yes, some of that is shit since you are talking about self-uploads and who knows what else. However, there are some nice pieces and asses occasionally. With paid networks you get great selection and only the best scenes while with free tube sites it is all about finding something decent. I had to browse through a couple of pages to find something that peaked my interested. On the front page it was all about gape compilations, sodomy and other non-sense. I am not into that shit, thank you. I enjoy the fact that there are some HD videos there for free too. Not 1080p or even close to true to life 720p, but still watchable and much better than other sites out there. We also did not find any weird titles that other sites are plagued with. You know, the no names ones or just descriptions containing some 2018_05_eh.mov bullshit. Looks like they are checking the submission, which is admirable.

About XHamster Anal

XHamster continues to deliver in the anal porn section too, with the same great layout and site loading speeds.

XHamster Anal

8.8 XHamster - Anal

Beaver Likes

  • Still same good and clean porn site
  • Lots of anal content for free
  • Nice search options

Beaver Does Not Like

  • As usual, advertising