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If you have checked your home page, then there is no secret that I consider Vivid Celeb to be the best celebrity porn site out there. It’s not that others are total shit, but the value you get for the money from this network is higher than other web pages that I tested. So far, I did 7 of the paid networks (more than half of which I did not even include because they are shit), and some free ones. The main selling point of VividCeleb is their sex tape videos that are of high quality. Some other porn sites add content for the sake of it, even if the videos are 240p and you can’t even see what the fuck you are watching. That could very well by a random slut tagged as a major celebrity, it’s not like you could see their faces anyway.

From what I have gathered, Vivid pays some of these celebs to be on the VividCeleb or even produce the videos for them. Yes, sluts like Tila Tequila doing anal, etc. and then accidentally leaking it, I am not sure about that. She seems like attention whore to me and manages to stay relevant in the bottom layer of the people due to all these sex tapes. I am not even sure if she is a pornstar or something else. Whatever. Anyway, to check their video quality, just check their selling page as there are fee video previews provided for some of these. Be warned though, their media player on the demo site is the worst. Not only will it start at the maximum volume, but the settings will not save. Every time you watch a new video, it will always be at the full volume, which is fucking nuts.

I want to cover one thing. On their site VividCeleb pushes claims about 25 sex tapes and that is true (each one of them is around one hour long by the way). However, there is much more to the site than just those leaks or exclusive content. The whole site has 4k+ videos of regular pornstars fucking and doing nasty things. While other celeb networks just giver you access to popular sluts, this one throws you a nice bonus in a form of a mainstream porn site. This is a great gift from them since celebrity tapes don’t get leaked every week or so, and when you crave for new content (popular whores porn or not), you can just browse through thousands of their videos, jerk off and be happy with it.

The site itself is well designed and without any major downsides. I was able to download all the porn I wanted without them asking for me to pay extra or limiting downloading speeds, a practice that some sites utilize today.

About VividCeleb

I do recommend checking VividCeleb and their content, it does not have millions of videos, but their quality over quantity approach is what matters the most.


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Beaver Likes

  • A leading celebrity porn site
  • Offers sex tapes in Full HD
  • Has most leaks covered
  • Exclusive sex tapes

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Some less known celebs are also here
  • Update cycle is uncertain