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The first time I have seen a titty drop was when I have accidentally walked in on my old as fuck grandmother who was washing her fucking hair in the bathroom, bended over with her tits reaching the floor. It was one of the most disgusting thins I have seen as a child and thank fucking god I moved away from her. From that time on, I have pretty much stopped visiting her and learn to put that trauma under the rug. For people luckier than myself, there is a separate sub-reddit for the art of tits dropping. You know the drill, there are some breasts covered under a blouse or something and once you slowly lift that piece of clothing away, the magic happens.

How attractive and popular do you think titty drop theme is? Could it get 50,000 subs? It’s actually crazy but the numbers are six times that and will soon surpass the 350,000 mark (now just above 300k). The posts are mostly cuts from some porn scene or cam whore shows, but you can find some original content too, from the most desperate sluts of them all. What I did not like was their shitty styles, you have flairs (think of them as tags) in a rainbow of colors, burning yours eyes at night and making the whole sub more confusing than the first time experience.

About TittyDrop

You have tits, they are covered and then they drop. Just like the bass. That is its upside and downside, all you have there are the tits. No vags or assholes. For inventing this theme, /r/TittyDrop should still get some medal.


8.2 /r/TittyDrop - Titty Drop

Beaver Likes

  • A rather creative sub-reddit
  • 340k boobs hunting users
  • Has original content
  • Gifs and videos

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Just tits, no other sexy parts