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It’s hard to find a true 4k porn site these days so my scepticism for Tiny4K was higher than usual. While more and more of them do appear online, it looks like a large majority compresses videos too much, which pretty much eliminates the whole point of 3840 x 2160 resolution. Even rarer are the petite porn sites. It is a niche that does have its following. However, mostly we are talking about the mega porn sites that have petite actresses, not a site dedicated to nothing but the smallest of the asses and bodies. Okay, I change my mind. The asses could be as large as they want them to be, but the body itself must remain small. Small women are hot and sexy. You can lift them up, smash as hard as you like (talking about the cock here, not smashing her to the wall). Not to mention various sex positions that can be tried when you can lift your girl and hold mid-air for at least few minutes. Thankfully, I usually cum in just 20 to 30 seconds on a good day, so not much is required on my part. Guess you could call me a one stroke man.

Anyway, when you combine rare 4k porn and petite in the same sentence, your choices not only narrow down to only few sites. However, this would not be a problem if for one reason only. With so little competition, one must wonder if there are any good ones at all? Well, to answer that question, yes, there are and Tiny4k is one of them. It’s hard for me to focus on the review when on my other screen, there is a flexible and small pornstar getting fucked by a large cock (her name is Leah Gotti if you are curious). The Tiny4K site does come with many different kinds of porn, as long as they are all related to the tiny girls, of course. We are talking regular sex videos (does anyone watch these nowadays?), great anal scenes with tinniest of the assholes getting that massive dick treatment. Their logo is solid A+ by the way. You can watch any of their trailers and it will be there. This also brings me to another nice point of Tiny4k. Instead of forcing you to signup or whatever to watch some porn, they are “giving away” trailers for all their videos. I have watched like ten before joining Tiny4k. This does show you how much confidence these people have. If you sell shit content, better force it under a paywall and show them a one mildly interesting trailer. For sites like Tiny4k, this does not seem to be a problem. You can watch all their trailers and that is fine.

About Tiny4k

If you are into tiny asses, or tiny girls, and want that in the best quality out there, Tiny4k is a rather obvious choice. If you love a variety and prefer thicker girls too, check our other 4k sites that we have reviewed some time ago.


8.8 Tiny4K - Tiny 4K

Beaver Likes

  • Beautiful produced, amazing quality porn
  • 4K porn videos are barely compressed
  • One of the more creative logos
  • Regular updates in 4k
  • Previews

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Main page shows videos from 2016
  • Limited trial