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You know the saying how beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I guess you could say that about our latest addition to the best anal sites category: /r/SpreadEm. There is a hidden pun there on how these women are stretching their assholes (or brown eyes) but let me at least describe /r/SpreadEm sub first. For people that do not like galleries, just go with alternatives, there is nothing to see there. All you get are whores and pornstars using their hands to expose their tight little holes. This does not necessary guarantee anal sex or anything and sometimes I wonder if adding this site was a right decision in the first place. However, anal sex lovers do like their buttholes, so this must be a correct choice as there are plenty of these on /r/SpreadEm.

The concept does sound nice and there are tens of thousands of users that keep /r/SpreadEm subreddit fresh. Multiple submissions through the day and all that. However, after surfing /r/SpreadEm for few minutes, you will quickly realize one thing: there is no quality control. Not only that but it looks like the people who are upvoting this shit are out of their fucking minds. The top page is full of disgusting, old women that did not even heard of a word “cleaning” or “wet napkins”. Seriously. I had to stop eating to finish this review as it was that bad. Sure, the hottest section has most of that cleaned up but still. I cannot understand and will never understand how people can look at some of these butts.

About SpreadEm

Ugly anal porn gallery enthusiasts will find this sub as refreshing as clean asshole after the shower. People demanding videos will quit and never come back.


8.2 SpreadEm - Spread Em

Beaver Likes

  • Has plenty of amateur porn
  • A rather original subreddit
  • 70,000 active users

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Controls picture hosts
  • Needs more comments