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With more free tube sites on the planet than mosquitos in Africa, one must have to wonder: when is it enough? The answer is never. The competition is high and is at all-time high. Next year it will be even worse, and the only winner is consumer, or a chronic masturbator. Which one is you?

Now, with so many free porn niches filled, I did expect some decent sites like SpankWire. Competition and all that. Oh boy, was I right. This is another neat porn site and it comes from the same network of other SpankWire sites. There are many ads, so your PC could start choking. It could very well spit out huge chunks of cum out of your CD-ROM drive and refuse to ever work again.

This being the nicest industry, you got yourself all the best things combined. We are talking background ads, ads asking you to stop using AdBlock (yes, this is me reviewing the site with it already on), ads on the left, ads on the right. Banners at the top of the video, banners in suggested videos feed. Jesus fucking Christ, can I watch some porn, SpankWire? I did see some not so good free porn sites in my lifetime, and I did fuck some ugly beasts, but nothing has prepared me for SpankWire. Ditch this site and ban the ads, hunt creators, I am mad, give me fucking acid and a paper, I need the instant eye scraper.

About SpankWire

It has more ads than the usual site, but if you find SpankWire content worthy, go ahead.


7.5 SpankWire – – About SpankWire

Beaver Likes

  • The site did not give me AIDS

Beaver Does Not Like

  • There are a lot of ads, more than average
  • Maximum volume player