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Another industry favorite and for many different reasons. Today, we are reviewing Reality Kings and checking all it can offer. Having spent a clear majority of my time on various porn sites, the Reality Kings brand is something that I would always come across. Be it while checking various porn stars list, through GIFS, embeds or even galleries. It kept starring to me like the fucking creep in the middle of the night. After finally saving enough to buy a membership for 3 months (it’s not that I don’t have few bucks, but when you try to review dozens of sites in a row, shit gets expensive).

The strongest point of is their collection of awesome bonus site. You got “Round and Brown” (for ebony porn), some new ones that have just appeared (Painted Booty being one of them), and the list does not end here. In fact, they have a ridiculous amount of bonus sites, which will soon reach 50. Real Orgasms, HD Love (fuck yeah), even a Tranny Surprise is thrown away here. Yes, not everyone loves shemales, but I am just showing you the world, man. Their list is huge, beyond huge. It’s like a fucking Moby Dick that was injected with steroids.

If you were to compare many different sites that offer “Full HD” porn, Reality Kings comes out as one of the strongest contenders out there. They do not compress video quality to the levels where the nipples are so fucking pixelated, that you can’t tell if you are watching 1080p porn or a censored version of Japanese bukakke party. I’d like to congratulate them for that. Other than non-shit quality videos, there are plenty of beautiful pornstars to choose form. You got all the regulars from both genders, males and females. If you are one of those people that identify themselves as unisex or some sort of fourth gender, please go fuck yourself. Going back to RK, there is nothing else that I would like to add. The RealityKings site has nice navigation and the one gripe that I have found is their pagination system. Instead of allowing you to jump to any page, let’s say from 1 to 16, you can only go to like the 4th one (or the last), and then repeat this tedious process all over again. Yes, you could manipulate the URLs of the links, but it is not that hard to fix the thing that many sites (not just RealityKings) developed by the college graduates managed to do just fine. I am sure it would cost them like five dollars or so. But that is a rather minor gripe and I am just looking for straws here, and that is a good thing.

About RealityKings

For the amount of content that Reality Kings offers, I am surprised that they are not charging more. This is truly one of our porn favorite sites.


9.5 RealityKings -

Beaver Likes

  • Reality Kings has many bonus sites
  • The site design is very easy to use
  • Thousands of Full HD videos
  • Amazing production values

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Some bonus sites not updating
  • Initial trial could be better