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The last of anal tube networks that we are reviewing today is PornHub Anal, and as you will soon find out, it has some good and some bad parts, depending on your preferences. It still remains the worst site out there with so many ads that I have found myself closing the videos more often than I should have. I am really confused on why this remains the top and probably the most popular site when the user experience is among the worst out there.

Same god-awful audio ads that kill your ears and wake up everyone around you, plus advertising placements on every single page and layer. I think they have already surpassed the mark of a “reasonable” number of ads and went apeshit. Yes, you can always get rid of that with PornHub Paid Memberships, which I guess is their intention. Anal videos are being uploaded hourly if not even more often. The site does bring some decent content and since we have amateurs uploading all that shit for free, this is truly the best place to gather all of it. Other tubes just re-host same content while PornHub is at least trying to provide something original and fresh. I guess this site can be described like this: if you have time and energy to waste while surfing through hundreds of videos, all so you could watch amateurs fucking in front of a camera, then it is a worthy contender to your bookmarks bar. Oh, and this is not amateur exclusive site or anything, has plenty of popular porn videos too.

About PornHub Anal

The site with less ads would be perfect, but who knows if then PornHub would have enough money to pay all these amateur whores.

PornHub Anal

7.9 PornHub - Anal

Beaver Likes

  • You can't top 300k porn videos, really
  • Can filter by SD or HD content
  • Always full of content

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Site with more ads than other tubes
  • Search can be is a mess