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Another one joining our 4k sites list and this one is from the girl herself, Kelly Madison. This pornstar and the husband Ryan are the ones running the whole thing and while she is now super old (we are talking 50, which is like 30 years past her prime), the site itself seems to be doing great. Be it in a form of innovation (like the 4k porn itself), or through multiple bonus sites. Thin content does not seem to be an issue for this couple. Sure, it does not have millions of videos like some of the free tube sites, but who cares, really? If you were to filter out shit content from most of these sites, the videos would be in hundreds or thousands in the very best-case scenario.

Anyway, let’s talk PornFidelity and porn. I might have given you an impression that there are like a dozen videos only, but this is not the case at all. We are still taking thousands here and the site has recently passed the 3k video mark. Not bad for a couple of their crew. While there are some older scenes with questionable lighting (it looks like they tried to imitated X-Art or some other shit), the vast majority of porn videos are well lit, without any soft filters or other crap. Also, before you start thinking of PF as a softcore site, let me tell you, it is quite the opposite. Just opening their home page now, I am greeted with first time threesomes, two cocks down her ass at the same time and anal fun. These things do not sound softcore at all. Sure, they might not be as extreme as eating the anal gape of some drunk slut while ten other dudes are fucking her and the person doing that, that kind of shit does make me sick and I am happy with the PornFidelity content. There are some less hardcore scenes (regular fucking) too. What I am trying to say is that as long as you are not into the extremes or super-soft sex with endless hours of kissing and hand holding, the content will do just fine. I also enjoy the fact that there are a lot of creampie scenes. Some porn networks would do that kind of shit as some sort of exclusive, maybe once in a month or so, while Porn Fidelity says fuck that and just jizz inside multiple beautiful women. Now these are the porn shots and scenes that I got used to quickly. Seeing everything in Ultra Full HD does add bonus points too, I just wish they would not limit downloads. Guess this is a sign of the owner trying to be over protective.

About PornFidelity

I have found PornFidelity content to be not only great in terms of quality, but the different scenes and niches that these guys are constantly producing is what sealed the whole thing.

With close to 3,000 videos shot in 4K resolution, PornFidelity site has plenty of super crisp content for any high bit rate porn enthusiast.


8.9 PornFidelity - Porn Fidelity

Beaver Likes

  • Over 3,000 crispy clear porn videos
  • Includes teen porn and pornstars
  • No downloading limits
  • Daily network updates

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Has limits that reset daily