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Let me tell you something about Jules Jordan. At first, I thought that the site was named under some whore, as Jules could very well be a name for some pornstar. Well, this is not the case at all. As it turns out, this is not even a female but a dude, who has earned a living making porn for some of the best porn studios out there, and then dumping all that and working for himself. His content was so well-respected and good that there was no reason to give away most of the money to the other sites.

Now, this being the studio with such a big name (at least among pornstars), there is one and rather large downside. It costs a fucking arm and leg to get in there unless you are buying a yearly membership. This is the only big gripe that I want to warn you about. Everything else is top notch, but I just still can’t get over the close to thirty bucks price. Jules Jordan comes with a lot of bonus sites, including Ass Factory (which is like the fucking coolest sounding site ever), and few others. It does not have like 40 bonus sites or anything, but most just come for the production values of the Jules himself. Of course, he is not the only one doing and shooting the porn, but there must be some training involved or something.

JulesJordan features all the most popular pornstars, with some being exclusive to their site. If you can name a popular whore, it will be there too. It’s like a bucket list, you have to make a video with Jules Jordan, or you can’t call yourself a true pornstar. All the girls are beautiful and there are no ugly beasts. The videos come in all your usual Full HD and other quality options, without downloading limits or any shit like that. Thankfully, it is also one of the sites that offers true 4k content. Not some highly compressed one that just have a resolution of Ultra HD but looks like shit, but the true 4k one. Not only that, but he has started producing these videos all the way back in 2016, so there are plenty of great porn scenes out there. You don’t have to worry about buying the membership for 4k porn and trying to decide whether you want to watch the first or the second video. The variety is there. That pretty much covers it all. One world about the web design. It is one of the better ones out there, and everything just smells of quality. I guess this is why they charge you more too.

About TheAssFactory

If you don’t mind paying for the porn, and we are talking bit higher numbers here than most of the porn sites, then you should find Jules Jordan to be quite adventure. Or pick from one of many cheaper paid alternatives.


8.9 JulesJordan - JulesJordan.com

Beaver Likes

  • Extremely good porn scenes, one of the best
  • 4K porn videos are incredible
  • Amazing content variety
  • No limits

Beaver Does Not Like

  • One of the more expensive porn sites