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For anyone who is just getting into the 4k porn and all that, I have some good and bad news for you. If you were to browse the FuckingAwesome.com site (Jesus, I love that name) few years ago, then it was like a free tube or something. Every single piece of a video was free. Not only that but you could either download or stream the whole thing and the quality was top notch. This was and continues to be a real deal for different reasons but even back in these days, they did not save a penny on anything. There were no over-pixelated videos that belong to the 1080p area. No, it was fucking awesome (put intended).

A year ago, FuckingAwesome guys have decided that it is time to reap some of the rewards. The team has been throwing millions there, hiring actresses that of course do not care and won’t fuck for charity. We are also talking about web design, and the whole fucking infrastructure. That did not just appear out of nowhere, Fucking Awesome investors had to cover all of that. This is for one reason only. They did believe in 4k porn and they continue to believe that this is our future. Fuck, sometimes I feel like it is so close that I can almost feel it. You know how some free sites turn to shit after they become paid? Mostly because the owners decide that it will be good enough for a while. They stop producing new and just throw a bone occasionally. It looks like FA is not making these mistakes and as of time of writing, there are still new videos uploaded weekly. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that about many other 4k porn sites that just hoped on the train and after no pay off for few months, decided to fuck it all up and never update the site again.

Not only that but they are still giving away 4k porn for free. If you were to visit their home page, there are few videos here and there that you can watch or download at no cost. Seriously, what other studio would give you best 4k porn for free, even after they transition to the paid porn site? I did enjoy my experience, the girls are sexy as always, with great production values and professional cinematography. None of that weird shit where you can see dude’s asshole or something of a similar fashion. I swear to fucking god, these people that film in various angles, exposing male assholes in 4k, should just be throw away to jail or something.

About FuckingAwesome

Well, who knew that if you name your site FuckingAwesome, it might very well become such thing? I would say that this site should be added for consideration if you are buying a membership or two.


8.6 FuckingAwesome - Fucking Awesome

Beaver Likes

  • A pioneer in Ultra Full HD porn
  • Still has free 4k porn content
  • Spectacular video quality
  • Exclusive content

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Needs more updates (just started)
  • Limited trial option