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I was very hesitant to review ExtremeTube, mostly because of its name. I am not a sissy by any means it’s just my expectations. You see, if someone tells me that we will make some money, I immediately expect hundreds of thousands of dollars and many whores at my place. Then the reality kicks in and I have 2 extra bucks and somewhat alive hooker with the STD.

So, what I thought ExtremeTube will provide me with, was the most shocking and extreme content. You know, women shitting (scat porn is the name), men eating out women on their period and all that. What did I get instead? Just your plan free tube site with regular porn. Yes, there are categories of bukkake, hardcore, cum swapping and all that, but most videos are just … meh. I do not mean that in a sense of their quality. If you were to change ExtremeTube.com to some other name, then the content becomes good. Maybe they were just hardcore porn site at some point, but the audience provided too little of an income?

About ExtremeTube

Why the name ExtremeTube when it is as extreme as erotic comics drawn by a blind retard? Still, it does feature a nice amount of content if you are not into BDSM or related kinks only. Also, not to many ads, but also not on the low site.


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Beaver Likes

  • Beautiful design when you ignore ads
  • Has a nice video player
  • Features great videos

Beaver Does Not Like

  • The name itself is bit misleading
  • Not all content is extreme
  • Ad block not friendly