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Since the dawn of time, has been known as one of the best porn sites out there. I don’t remember when I heard of them for the very first time, but I fucking love Brazzers. If you have spent at least few years on the internet, then not only have you seen Brazzers porn (in terms of gifs, tubes, or whatever), but memes too. You know, these pictures of random black guys posing in front of an amateur with Brazzers logo in the bottom. Or a picture with some whipped cream and the very same text at the bottom. I am not sure if these guys are the ones who started this trend, but it is fucking funny. If you are not sure what the heck I am talking about, you must have just left the church, or I am just exposing myself with too much porn.

The Brazzers site is full of great usability and discovery features. When your porn network thousands of videos, getting lost is as easy as forgetting where you parked your car. Thankfully, guys at know their art and have included a bunch of awesome tags. If you want to watch porn of a 21-year blond with 34DD tits, then their search engine will adjust for that. Also, the fact you can leave comments under various videos (just like with tube sites), is amazing. There is a massive Brazzers community that is always talking about the scenes, and we are talking mature men and women, not teens without any income. Sometimes you can find great discussion threads and the fact that I am talking about that in a best porn sites category speaks volumes. It’s that good.

Let’s talk videos and pornstars. There is not a single high caliber pornstar that is not listed there, some doing multiple scenes. Be it from the old classics like Julia Bond and Nikki Benz to the latest, next generation adult models. One day you could enjoy classy whores while another it is all about new, first-time anal scenes. There is so much variety, it’s fucking ridiculous. There is no way in hell that Brazzers users will not find there something for their needs. Unless you are into weird porn, like piss drinking or some other shit. Each Brazzers video also has a trailer, which makes it super easy to quickly figure out if this scene worth your time. Although to be fair, most are. Fuck, you can even jump to the specific part of the scene with the help of hashtags. You open a video, see #anal, click on that and it instantly starts playing video where all the good things begin. No longer will you ever need to play the player seek game, fuck that shit.

About Brazzers

Despite so many years on porn, Brazzers still manages to surprise us in a variety of different ways and remains one of the best places for the best quality porn.


9.8 Brazzers - - About Brazzers

Beaver Likes

  • Has more Full HD videos than you will ever consume
  • One of the highest quality porn networks out there
  • Supreme porn and awesome production values
  • Has a $1 trial option, which is great
  • Does not limit downloads

Beaver Does Not Like

  • Would love to see more amateur pornstars
  • Needs to offer 4k content