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Your mother or grandmother might be jerking off (or slacking off) to the thoughts of them having sex in a moonlight, but for mortals like yourself, we must go deeper. I fail to understand how a simple video of someone fucking can make people horny, like the regular amateur porn with vaginal sex in a missionary position or something. They will never know how fun sex can really be and this is where Anal Acrobats comes to the picture, and you cum on the wall. If AnalAcrobats name does not really bring a bell to you, then there might be something wrong with you, or you haven’t discovered the joys of anal porn. There are anal porn sites and then there is this one. When anal sex itself gets stale, the next natural transition would be something like anal acrobats. It features porn around anal gapes, prolapsed assholes, extreme object insertions into assholes, and even some interracial porn. You don’t just get to see one gape in a while, they are everywhere. If your perfect lesbian butt play revolves around kisses and other bullshit, then here is something to cheer you. The lesbian sex of Anal Acrobats means that you lick each other’s red roses (a term for gapes) and try to shove both of your hands down there. Maybe someday there will be a scene of a small midget climbing down the butthole and staying there for a minute or two. This is on my bucket list.

I don’t know a better site if you are into hardcore or extreme anal experiences. This is not just a shitty site by some dude. Anal Acrobats is controlled by Evil Angel, one of the most famous adult studios in the entire industry. Therefore, with AA membership you don’t just get to see hundreds of extreme porn videos but can also browse other 26 bonus sites, all in Full HD. These guys do not give a fuck if you download all their videos at once or not, no artificial speed or other limitations. No DRM protected files and if you care about galleries, they are all already pre-zipped and waiting for you. There were some weeks when the site did not get any updates so keep that in mind. However, I did check the last 3 months and there was not a single slippage. Maybe there were some technical issues or something, I have no idea, but it does look like Anal Acrobats continues to upload premium content and is not showing any signs of stopping.

If the thoughts of licking assholes or pushing prolapses buttholes inside and outside out don’t make you hard, then try checking other sites on our list. There are like ten of them and most are not as extreme or hardcore as this one.

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This is not a circus and anal acrobats has nothing to do with the clowns. For gapes, and prolapses, there is no other place like home, and that home is AnalAcrobats.


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  • Updates are infrequent