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Dat Brown Booty

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About Beaver Chest

I am a cheap fuck. As simple as that. I have spent most of my life watching, streaming and simply enjoying the free porn videos and in earlier years – adult galleries. Over five years ago, I have finally made up my mind and decided to join my first paid porn site, it was not the best. The experience was God awful and the site was shit. At that point in time I was left confused and even angry for believing that there is something better out there than best free porn sites. Thankfully, my friend suggested me another site and it was on. The things I have seen and the features I enjoyed… This includes video requests, no advertising, jumping instantly to the part of the scene that skipped all the foreplay and forgetting about the seek button completely. Yes, the most popular paid porn sites have that option. So if you are for a mood of some doggy style, this is where the video will start. It was and remains fucking awesome. Only then did I realize the time that was wasted on free porn. I would spend 30 to 60 minutes looking for a high-quality video that made me rock hard. To be fair, paying for porn means you are making money. You have more spare time and can use that to get paid. Of course, If you don’t have to close multiple backgrounds and maybe clean the malware infected PC, then free porn can be awesome too.

So, what is the BeaverChest site is all about? It is about me, Sam J. Kingwin (I know, blame my parents), sharing my personal stories and experiences that I have accumulated over the years while looking for the best porn sites worth spending money on, and the free ones that do not hammer you with infected scripts. I have spent a decent amount of money to review and rate every single one of them. Be it a small and rising porn site, or something from the major porn network. If it’s there, you can bet your ass of that I paid for the membership, watched all it had to offer and depending on the end result, either added the site here or moved on to something better.

Lastly, BeaverChest is not all about the free or paid porn sites that stream videos or galleries. There is so much more to it. We are listing adult games, amazing (porn related) resources, search engines and so much more. I would greatly appreciate if you could hit that bookmark star on your mobile phone or Ctrl / Command + D on your computer to bookmark the site. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating the porn goldmine. This is now your own story of the top 10 porn sites that will soon be discovered by you. The only hard thing about this journey will be your dick and the only tears in your eyes will be because of a site that was never even under your radar. Have fun and welcome to the family.

Site usage tips: click on the name to open the url or hit on the icon that appears on mouse over to read more about the site and see some ratings.

What Does “Beaver Chest” Mean?

Every great movie or a journey has a treasure chest. This is your voyage. A trip to discover the best porn sites and open them up.